API Documentation

Using our API is simple, and can be integrated into any system quickly. Whether you need to check patient allotments at the point-of-sale, or if you would like your patients to check their allotments online or on a mobile application, our allotment checker API is

POST https://us-central1-mmdealer.cloudfunctions.net/info

API only requires 2 payload items.

"dealer_id": "xxxxxxxxxxxx", //provided by AZAC
"mm_id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" //must be exactly 20 characters

Once the payload requirements are met, you will receive the following response.

"name": "FIRST LAST",
"status": "ACTIVE",
"sellable": true,
"amounts": {
"twoWeekSalesOz": 0.4728,
"twoWeekSalesGrams": 13.4039,
"availableOz": 2.0272,
"availableGrams": 57.4711

Here’s an example of our API in action. If you do not have an in-house developer, we can help you integrate our API for you.

Arizona Allotment Checker